Govt urges residents on Ogun River to change their location

 Govt urges residents on Ogun River to change their location

Lagos State Government has advised residents living along the plains of Ogun River to be on the alert
and take necessary precautions as the management of Oyan Dam has commenced seasonal water releases from the dam.

Commissioner for Environment, Babatunde Adejare explained that the controlled water releases from the dam was a pragmatic approach of the Ogun-Oshun River Basin Development Authority to prevent overflow and possible integrity failure of the Oyan Dam, which could spell doom for people around the catchment area of the river basin.

Adejare stressed that the controlled release of water from the Oyan Dam was the outcome of the collaboration between the state and the Ogun-Oshun River Basin Authority to forestall a possible collapse of the dam.

“The controlled water releases have become expedient as a result of the weather forecast and the continuous heavy rainfall, which is likely to resume later in the month,” he said.

He, therefore, advised those residing along plains of Ogun river in Lagos State such as Ajegunle, Owode-Onirin axis, Owode-Elede, Isheri North, Ogolonto, Irawo, etc., to be careful and take precautionary measures, which may include vacating their residences temporarily.

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