Russian woman tricked by Nigerian lover, caught with Cocaine

Russian woman tricked by Nigerian lover, caught with Cocaine

A Russian woman is set to be Executed in Vietnam after being caught with cocaine planted by her Nigerian lover.

Maria Dapirka, 30, faces execution for smuggling 3kg of cocaine into Vietnam ‘after drugs were planted in her hand luggage by her Nigerian lover simply identified as ‘Nick’.

Maria was deceived by ‘Nick’ who claimed he was a top footballer. Her lawyers have said she has accepted she may soon be executed, but still clings on to some hope she will be freed after three years in prison.

Dapirka was living in Thailand before she met Nick. She was caught with almost 3kg of cocaine by Vietnamese customs on a flight from Singapore.She claims the cocaine was planted in her luggage by Nick – or ‘Chib Eze’ – who apparently has a penchant for seducing attractive young women before conning them into carrying drugs.

Dapirka’s verdict and sentence was due to be handed down by a Vietnamese judge today in a Ho Chi Minh city court but the session was postponed ‘for further investigation’ for the fifth time.

In a letter to her mother, Olga, Dapirka says she is ready for any outcome.

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