Female brain injury patient raped in New York hospital

Female brain injury patient raped in New York hospital

A female patient with a brain injury was raped in a New York hospital, police said.
A nurse walked in to check on the women and found
Keith Nembhard sexually assaulting the 32-year-old earlier this month, sources told the New York Post. 
Staff at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital immediately called security, who detained the man before officers arrived.
The 37-year-old, who allegedly knew the victim, was arrested and charged with rape in the second degree.
Doctors told the police the woman’s injuries would have prevented her from consenting to sexual intercourse, the newspaper reported.
It is the second serious incident at the hosptial this year.
In June, a doctor armed with an assault rifle rampaged through Bronx-Lebanon Hospital killing another doctor and wounding six other people.

Dr Henry Bollo, a disgruntled former employee at the medical centre, turned the gun on himself afterwards.

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