Inside Rohtak's Sunaira jail: Gurmeet Ram Rahim wails

Inside Rohtak's Sunaira jail: Gurmeet Ram Rahim wails

In a slew of interesting revelations today on Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, one of the fellow inmates at the Rohtak's Sunaira jail, Dalit leader Swadesh Kirad said
that the moment sentence was announced, he fell to his knees and wailed, "Hang me, I don't want to live anymore."
Lodged in the Sunaira Jail for the past nine months, Dalit leader Kirad stepped out today on bail and speaking to media, spilled some beans on the Dera chief's countenance inside the prison.
He added that everyday since Friday, August 25, the day of his first sentence and the subsequent imprisonment, Gurmeet could be heard talking to himself, "God, what wrong habe I done? What is my fault?" (Rabba, mera kya kasoor hai?)
Kirad said that on the night of August 25, Gurmeet did not eat anything but sat on the floor and cried all night, imploring his destiny.
"He didn't eat anything. Just had water from Bisleri bottle, later some milk, tea and biscuits," the Dalit leader added.
Speaking on Gurmeet Ram Rahim's dwellings in the prison, Kirad said that he was not given any special treatment but was kept in a separate space due to imminent threat to his life.
"Prisoners are very angry with Ram Rahim for the violence that was instigated in his name in Punjab, Haryana and parts of other states after his verdict," the Dalit leader explained.
He can be attacked, Kirad reiterated over the growing resentment against the Dera chief.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been given two quilts like all the other inmates and no special arrangements have been made for his 'sta' in the Sunaira Jail.

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