Police arrested Israeli in Egypt after bullets found in his bag

Police arrested Israeli in Egypt after bullets found in his bag

Egyptian police arrested today an Israeli tourist crossing into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula after finding bullets in one of his bags, Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The Israeli man was identified as Nir Itach, 24, fro, the central city of the Israeli city of Rehovot.

The Israeli news agency quoted Nir’s brother, Almog, as saying that the bullets were left by mistake in his bag from the army.
“Nir took with him a bag from his military service that has not been used in a very long time,” Almog said, adding that his brother “did not check the bag very well and is currently under arrest.”

“He probably had some bullets left over from basic training. He had not touched this bag for years and suddenly he decided to take it. I don’t know why,” he noted
The Israeli foreign ministry reported that Nir is being held in Egypt’s Nuweiba, stressing that the Israeli consul is currently working to secure his release.

This is the third time this year for an Israeli ex-soldier on vacation to have been detained after M16 rounds were found in his luggage.
In March, a young Israeli man arrested in Uzbekistan’s capital of Tashkent and detained for 12 days before finally being released.
In January, a young Israeli woman was arrested at the airport in Mumbai, India, and released shortly after following a speedy intervention of the Israeli Consul in Mumbai.

Such arrests have in fact become so frequent as to prompt the Israeli government to caution its citizens to check their bags before travelling abroad.

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