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Allies defend Corbyn over comments about Castro’s ‘heroism’

Jeremy Corbyn’s allies have defended him after criticism of comments in which he praised Fidel Castro’s “heroism”.

The Labour leader said that “for all his flaws” the former Cuban president had been a “champion of social justice”. Mr Corbyn was accused of glossing over of human rights abuses and political repression.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday: “I think that Castro was a hugely divisive figure and I think that it’s quite difficult to get beyond the human rights abuses.

“I went to Cuba in the early 1990s when there was great economic difficulties in that country and I found a country that was egalitarian with a fantastic health service.It came at a price but it was, in my view, a brave island that stood against a regime that for 50 years would not trade with it and would not let other countries trade with it too.”

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Sky News Murnaghan programme that Cuba was a “beacon of hope”.

He said: “This was a country that was controlled by effectively a kleptocrat where there was extremes of wealth and poverty, no education, no health service.

“The revolution took place and it redistributed wealth and the land, it introduced an education service and a health service which was second to none.”
I think Corbyn's comments were benign. Even if he did under-state Castro's abuses which were large, then what difference does it make? Honestly. Corbyn is ridiculed always because Corbyn understands that we must change our attitude towards money creation. the people who profit from the process of money creation that government has provided for them as privileged creators of money have got the general public trained. and so Corbyn who seeks good change on the money creation issue is to be demonized always for whatever he says.

private banks create money from thin air. then they lend the money out. It costs them virtually nothing to create, but they are allowed to lend it anyway. Then the money is paid back and the money creator who was given that special privilege by government gets systematically rich. and then the masses of people know who they are inferior to, they know their place now. and anybody who upsets the system like Corby because they have a brain and care about decency is to be ridiculed always.

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