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Manpower Conversion, Distribution and Utilization Programme
Ø  Periodic checks and monitors attendance/attendance booklets.
Ø  Maintains accurate and comprehensive nominal roll.
Ø  Ensures that every staff is posted to where they are needed consequent upon certificates, experience and capability-(merit).

Effective Records/Filling/Archival Program
Ø  Records/secretary all organization committee meetings.
Ø  Adequate filling of all record/documents in open and secret registry.
Ø  List of documents/files to be kept in secret and open registry.
Ø  Archival records of files/records of importance- on longer in use eg: retired officers’ files and completed project files.

Administration Entrepreneurship Program
Ø  Establishment, development, equipping and managing standard staff canteen.
Ø  Creation of skill acquisition centers.
Ø  Creation and maintaining a laundry unit.
Ø  Creation of decoration and hiring service unit.
Ø  Establishment and maintenance of mass transit unit.
Ø  Community enlightenment of administration department service/projects.

Carrot and Stick Program
Ø  Establishment of 5 man team headed by the Head of Personnel Management (HPM) for setting man.
Ø  Staff promotion/advancement and discipline.
Ø  Training and in-service training.
Ø  Financial motivation.
Performance Evaluation Process
Ø  Number of times on community mobilization and sensitization
Ø  Number of customers attended to.
Ø  Amount of money realized in a month.

Ø  Profit generated.
Ø  Monitor attendance register/attendance of all departments on regular intervals.
Ø  Train, educate and enlighten staff on how to dress for the job, on civil service rules and skills acquisition with relevant circulars and documents.
Ø  Measuring, motivation and reward of outstanding staff and ensuring discipline against erring staff.
Ø  Establishment, development, equipping and managing of standard staff canteen.
Ø  Creating of skills acquisition center.
Ø  Creation and maintaining a laundry unit.
Ø  Establishment and maintenance of mass transit unit.

Ø  Establishment and maintenance of leadership archives.
Ø  Community mobilization and enlightenment of the programs/services of administration department.
Ø  Partnering with interested individuals, communities and organizations.
Ø  Administrative officers to serve as recorders/secretaries in all committees in the council.
Implementation Action Plan
Ø  The Head of Personnel Management (HPM) periodically move around the offices to monitor attendance of staff in order to ensure that reports on attendance submitted are accurate.
Ø  Periodically, the Head of Personnel Management (HPM) organizes a one day training for all staff on dress code ethics of the profession with relevant circulars such training as on dressing, talking, walking and core values thereby serving image maker of the organization. She/he should conduct training and in house training for staff in conjunction with other HODs on civil service rules and relevant areas of need of the staff. The HPM will also establish and maintain administrative counseling unit. This unit will counsel staff on issues on certification, career progression, professionalism and on the felt needs of the workers of the organization with relevant circulars both current and extant.

Ø  A committee headed by the Head of Personnel Management (HPM) should be set up to measure and evaluate the commitment and productivity of staff through attendance and work out-put.
Ø  The administration department should be allocated a decent building to serve as canteen, where such is not available the organization or a partner should build one because staff welfare is of utmost importance. Funds should be raised from staff, organization or partner to equip the restaurant. Foods are to be served at reduced prices. Handbills would be speculated for outside patronage. Lower grade levels of administration department should be deployed to work and serve at the canteen. Those personnel’s would be trained on hotel management.
Establishment of Laundry Service
Ø  Accommodation should be provided for this service as well as washing machines and other necessary equipments needed. Funds should be given by the organization. The officers deployed would go on one month training to learn how to handle different fabrics/equipments. Profits generated should be plowed back to the organization on percentage basis.
Establishment of Mass Transit
Ø  The department will partner with individuals to bring commercial buses for transportation where the local government council cannot fund it. Accommodation space is procured in the busiest part of the town. Profits are to be shared between the council, the department and the patterning individuals.

Creation of Leadership Strata Achieves
Ø  This should be established in the organization. Accommodation/building should be provided for this. The government or individuals can be invited to partner for this. Short profile/pictorial frame of all past presidents, vice  presidents, governors, senate presidents, speakers of house of representatives, house of assembly, chairmen and members of local government service commission and secretaries will be displayed with dates and mark of their achievements. Relevant map should also be on display. Staff, students, scholars, individuals would come to see and learn. A token fee should be pay by visitors on their visits. The money generated will be plowed back to local government service commission.
Partnership with Interested Individuals, Communities And Organization

Ø  The department would reach out to rich and wealthy individuals in the community to partner with them on some of these programe.


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