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2019 Aso Villa is available, Forget Nnamdi Kanu; He cannot break Nigeria

2019 Aso Villa is available, Forget Nnamdi Kanu; He cannot break Nigeria

Prelate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, a servant of God working in Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos is certainly a Prophet of God.

In March he made a prophetic statement that Buhari will not contest in 2019 election and till date he still stood his ground even with Buhari’s return and people celebrating him.
He predicted that Nigeria’s Super Eagles would have a resounding victory over the Cameroonians, and it came to pass. In this Exclusive, the prophet said the Villa is vacant, Nigeria may not be Nigeria again by 2034 and other burning national issues.

On his prophetic state­ment that Buhari will not contest in 2019 Presidential election, he said:
“2019 is still far, but that God that spoke years back, that same God is still alive. God speaks to His prophets periodically, at any time, any year, at any moment. If you go to the history of prophetic messages in this country we have records, profiles. I am not given any authority, I am still talking to you, if Buhari dares to go for second term he may risk it and see the consequence. Everything has its own consequence, he should just relax and go back to Daura. So as the lord liveth, as I am talking to you Buhari may not be able to contest for second term.

“If he goes into it his health will cause tension, and he may not actually be able to complete the work. So he must not just try it unless the direction is from the spirit realm. But as I am talking to you this August, he would not”

He extolled the virtues of President Buhari in the flow­ering phrases saying, “They should not play politics with Buhari’s health. Honestly he would have been the best president Nigeria has ever had; he has the vision, the mission, apart from some fundamental side of it, but I tell you, Buhari’s second term is dicey, the Villa is vacant. He will find it a lot of chal­lenges, he need to take care of his health, anybody can have health issue, but this one there is something behind it.

“You see, there is what is called…you reap what you sow, remember when he used decree 2 and decree 4, in certain things, you reap what you sow. In whichever way …Buhari’s health is not political, it is not spiritual, it is just the way God wants it.”

On the state of the econo­my since Buhari’s return, he said “I don’t talk as a politi­cian, and I don’t know what is going on in the town, I don’t go out. But the point is that, whether Buhari or no Buhari, we are still in reces­sion, it is not yet over.

 If they are not doing the right thing, forget this little, little things they are doing in order for Nigeria to get out of reces­sion. In their campaign they said they would make one dollar to one Naira. You see, in all these, there is no magic. Food prices may come down this Sallah, but by October to December, prices of goods will be skyrocketed.”

Primate Ayodele preferred to keep his solution for Nige­ria’s recession in his mind un­til his new book is unveiled, “I will wait until my book is out, then you will be invited, that is when I am going to talk more on the economy.“

On Biafra he said, “By 2034, Nigeria may not be Nigeria again, alright? Nige­ria will not be Nigeria again, there will be a new Nigeria at that particular time. Forget about the secession they are talking about, forget about Nnamdi Kanu, he is not the one that will break Nigeria, it is not Biafra, but Biafra may cause Nigeria issues, but it will not actualize Biafra.”

On what should be done now to avert those issues? He answered, “That one is now left for us, they should know what to do, what God has told me is what I am tell­ing you. It is now left to you as the police, army, whatever, DSS to check and see. The DSS should regard the word of the prophet; any word of the prophet is a security in­formation; that they should take serous. The political pas­tors would tell you it is well when it is not well. Have you told the people in authority what you are doing is right or what you are doing is wrong?

“When you meet a proph­et he tells you what he un­derstands, when the prophet says tomorrow there will be rain; that is what we call prophecy, it may come like a rain or not like a rain, but all the same it is well. Before Trump I predicted that, when Obama party would lose. It is on the internet, I said it since 2014 for an election that would come up in 2016, that is what is called prophecy. It is not when you are following the trend, not at all.”

He also spoke on the forthcoming Governorship election in Anambra. “Obia­no can win Anambra State if he does not deviate from his party, and he should keep on implementing his economic programme, Obiano should be focused, he will be re-elected. If only he deviates from the way of the lord, that is the only way he will lose, and the election is between APC and APGA. The PDP man will be frustrated out.

“PDP has not done the right thing, if they had done the right thing I will tell you categorically that PDP will get it. In 2011 go and check it, I said Jonathan would not get the second term. It is not time for an Igbo man to be the president. But who be­comes president in 2019 not Buhari.”

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