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The Week's trending African Gossip

The Week's trending  African Gossip

The magazine, A Nasty Boy, was launched in February, and is filled with provocative images, featuring nude models, articles containing swear words and avant-garde ideas.
In a conservative country, where public expressions of nudity are uncommon, 'A Nasty Boy' is unsurprisingly causing controversy.

According to CNN, founder and editor Richard Akuson, "was moved to start the magazine after attacks from Internet trolls made him question the idea that Nigerian men and women have to be a particular way to fit in."

 Despite assumptions made because of the name, A Nasty Boy is not a magazine focusing on gay issues. Luckily for Akuson, because homosexuality, gay marriage, gay groups and displays of same-sex affection are illegal and carries penalties of up to 14 years in prison.

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