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Facebook banned rapper Lil B for ‘hate speech’

Facebook banned rapper Lil B for ‘hate speech’

He had tweeted that the social media network had banned him for 30 days for "talking about white people"

Rapper Lil B has been banned from Facebook for violating the site’s hate speech policies.

The Californian internet star tweeted on Sunday (October 9) that he had been banned for “talking about white people”.
Now, representatives for the social media site have confirmed to Motherboard that Lil B has indeed had his access revoked. The spokesperson told the site the offending posts had been deleted from his page.

As Motherboard points out, recently Lil B has been using his Twitter and Facebook pages to discuss race in America, including the double standards of visual codes for “threatening” and “safe” and the legacy of slave ownership in the States.
However, his posts have often seen him expressing love for “all humans”, while he has posted multiple times about hugging racists because “they may be mad but they need love”.

Facebook would not reveal what the now-deleted posts said to get Lil B banned.
Lil B has been banned from the site before. According to the rapper, he was banned for another 30 days back in 2014 after posting a rant about race, animal rights, rape and sex trafficking.

He released his 51st and latest mixtape ‘Black Ken’ in April of this year, although at the time he described it as his “first official mixtape”.

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