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OUIT NOTICE: How The Power Of Non-Violence Saved Igbo Of Unplanned War –Uwuazurike

OUIT NOTICE: How The Power Of Non-Violence Saved Igbo Of Unplanned War –Uwuazurike
LEADER of Biafra independence movement and founder of movement for actualization of sovereign state of Biafra (BIM-MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike yesterday lauded his
unflinching faith in the principle of non-violence, noting that the psychological paralysis suffered by his Igbo Kinsmen during and after the Nigeria-Biafra civil war has made them to always become allergic to anything prone to violence.

Uwazuruike recalled how his timely intervention and visit to Arewa house in Kaduna state in June this year saved lives and property of Ndigbo resident in Northern Nigeria, thereby averted a major crisis that would have plunged the Igbo of unplanned war.
The Biafran leader who is playing the role of Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in a press statement signed by the BIM’s Director of information, Mazi Chris Mocha, said the concept of non Exodus in the New Biafra struggle is such that no Igbo man or woman should be encouraged to leave his or her place of residence on account of fear, intimidation or quit notice by the Hausa, Yoruba, middle belt or Edo people in Nigeria.

Uwazuruike maintained that, in formulating this non violence principle for BIM-MASSOB in 1999 that much care was taken to ensure that Igbos do not risk their precious lives and property due to running from place to place in any part of Nigeria during crisis situation.
He disclosed that he chose to avoid violent agitation because any resort to violence in the new Biafra struggle could lead  to the loss of property and endanger the lives of Igbos outside Igbo land, as they would have to quit their locations especially in the North and at the end of the day, there would be record of causalities.
Uwazuruike however enjoined our misled comrades in other pro Biafra movements who followed the wrong way to return to our original concepts cum non-violence.   

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