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“…Can you honestly, truly say to yourself that our country has changed for the better? (sic) Are our children safe when they
go to school? Are our parents safe when we leave them at home?…” – General Muhammadu Buhari
The above three critical questions were raised by General Muhammadu Buhari in a video widely circulated on social media in the run up to 2015 presidential election.
The obvious answer to these questions then was: NO. Reason being that insecurity in the country took a frightening trajectory then, and the government of former president Goodluck Jonathan appeared to be too weak, confused and incompetent to curtail Boko Haram insurgents.
Fast forward to 2018, in spite of the laudable gains of the Buhari-led government in the war against Boko Haram insurgents in North-East, the same questions Buhari raised on insecurity in 2015 are back to haunt him as killer herdsmen continue to wreck serious havoc across the country.
Compiling a dossier on the number of persons killed and properties destroyed in coordinated attacks of herdsmen across the country right under Buhari’s watch would humble the proudest of Buhari supporter. And to say that Buhari’s government has woefully failed to appropriately answer the same questions he raised in 2015 is no exaggeration.
Passing the buck or claiming that herdsmen menace predated Buhari’s administration like Mr. Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, irresponsibly did in a video he recently shared on facebook, is not only infantile but wicked.

As a matter of fact, Boko Haram insurgency predated Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. Nigerians, however, did not accept that as an excuse to justify Jonathan’s dismal performance as regard insecurity in the country under his watch.
Before the phones of Mr. Adesina started ringing, he wrote, criticising Jonathan’s administration for failing to tackle insecurity in the country, not minding that Jonathan inherited the same problem.
Moreover, one is obliged to wonder why Mr. Adesina who once lamented how “human beings were killed like chicken” in Nigeria in one of his article titled, “This country does not give a damn”, could be so “unkind” and insensitive to moot such an infantile debate when the families of those killed by herdsmen in Benue State during the new year were still mourning their dead.
What is wrong with Mr. Adesina, a supposed gentleman I respect so much?! Would he countenance the same view if Peter Aboh, the 28 year old final year student of Microbiology at the Federal University, Lafia, Nasarrawa State, who was slain by herdsmen were his son? This is not wishing Mr. Adesina and his family evil, anyway.

However, if Mr. Adesina could boastfully argue that Buhari has “technically” defeated Boko Haram, an insurgent group that predated Buhari’s presidency, why does he wants us to see herdsmen menace as a problem we must endure because it has been with us since the day Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit?
Dear Mr. Adesina, get it right that:
President Buhari was very much aware of various security issues in the country before he begged Nigerians to give him a chance to turn things around – for good. He was not elected to watch herdsmen morph into an insurgent group deadlier than Boko Haram. Or to supervise them slaughter Nigerians like chicken on daily basis.
Violent killings in Benue State or any where in Nigeria under Buhari’s watch should not equal or outnumber killings under his predecessor’s before Buhari is called to rise up to perform the primary duty, protection of life and property, he swore to perform as Nigeria’s Commander-in-Chief.

We all saw how the Buhari-led government heavily descended on hot-headed Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and swiftly declared them a terrorist group. We heard Buhari avow to deal with Niger Delta militants like Boko Haram. And to imagine that the same Buhari has failed to act decisively on killer herdsmen who kept writing news headlines in blood, vividly reveal the bias and “inhuman” side of him.

If Mr. Adesina cannot understand why Buhari’s long silence on herdsmen menace frustrated Nigerians to accuse Buhari of tacitly taking side with killer herdsmen, then it is OK to believe that the “demons in Aso Rock” also rob people of their common sense.
Nigerians understand that Mr. Adesina is employed and paid to run a fool’s errand for Buhari. That notwithstanding, does not mean he should trivialize reckless killings in Benue State and other parts of the country by comparing it to what used to be under an administration Nigerians voted out to elect his principal.

Responding to herdsmen menace in the country goes beyond glib talk and empty promises in preparation for 2019 election. Buhari must face killer herdsmen squarely like Boko Haram to tell Nigerians that he does not belong to killer herdsmen.

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