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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in Abuja clarified that the strategy proposed by Federal Government in light of the regular conflicts amongst herders and agriculturists in the nation isn't intended to colonize any piece of the nation. 

Getting Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) drove by Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, President Buhari said the expectation of government is to make eating areas for steers rearers, which has now been confounded as another type of colonization. 

President Buhari said he lamented that the "well-thoroughly considered approach of the Federal Government, which was imagined after wide meetings with partners", had been generally misconstrued by a segment of the general population. 

He, in any case, guaranteed the Catholic Bishops that the Federal Government will keep on exploring all open doors and bolster activities to guarantee peace and security in anxious territories. 

Denouncing late spate of killings in Benue, Adamawa, Taraba, and Zamfara states, the president said security agents would guarantee indictment of culprits and every one of those found with illicit arms in the influenced zones. 

''The impression made that I was sitting in an aerated and cooled office and home, having a ball while these things happened, is deceptive. 

''At each progression, I have attempted to anticipate these issues since I have the experience as a previous military officer who summoned three out of the four divisions of the Nigerian armed force, in Lagos, Ibadan and Jos. 

''I am very mindful of the issues we have and I am doing my best to get law implementation offices to be on caution,'' he said. 

Mr. Buhari told the Catholic Bishops that he would not be worn out on describing noteworthy advance recorded in the zones of security, economy and the battle against defilement. 

''We have done on security in the North East, when you think about what the condition was before we came in and what it is presently. 

''On the economy, especially horticulture, I am exceptionally satisfied that God addressed the supplications of Nigerians who petitioned God for abundant reap. 

''Individuals have exploited Federal Government strategies and projects to come back to the ranch and they have not lamented,'' he said. 

On the battle against defilement, the president said the administration would be guided by the law in the examination and indictment of all join related cases. 

''Individuals are being arraigned efficiently with confirm. 

''In the event that a lasting secretary has five houses in Abuja, two in Kaduna and one in Borno and Sokoto and he can't represent the properties and there are bank exchanges connecting him to the properties, the arraigning offices won't experience issues to gain ground looking into it," he said. 

On the topic of government character, the president said no ethnic gathering or political zone has been intentionally minimized in the arrangements made up until now. 

He, in any case, included that he would investigate regions on which issues have been raised, when an abridgment of all administration arrangements is submitted to him. 

In his comments, Mr. Kaigama swore that the Catholic Church in Nigeria would keep on supporting the Buhari organization and influence its commitment to country to working through petitions, rebukes and help to poor Nigerians. 

''As the voice of the general population, we should keep on highlighting the predicament of our kin and assume our prophetic part of sharpening the administration, subsequently advancing great administration, national solidarity and attachment,'' Mr. Kaigama said.


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