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Double Impact Platform, a business training and relationship development organisation recently put together a highly innovative training programme targeted at business owners and entrepreneurs who are married and are jointly in business as “Coprenuers”.
The January edition of the Double Impact Platform programme was focused on “Effective Planning for Couples in Business”. The programme, which was themed ‘Planning Forward 2018’ was designed to equip Copreneurs step into a new year armed with relevant insights that would aid the development of sound corporate and business planning as they draw road maps for success in the new year. The Double Impact Platform (DIP) was founded by Professor Joe Ezigbo and Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, the Founders of Falcon Corporation Limited, a leading Natural Gas company.
This edition of the programme was highly rated and surpassed the expectations of participants in terms of attendance, content and audience engagement. The participants were drawn from a diverse background that included production, supply chain management, advertising, security and data management, mobile payment, tourism & hospitality, education, retail, agriculture and others.

In her opening address, the Convener, Double Impact Platform and Executive Director of Falcon Corporation, Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, stated that “the Plan Forward programme for Couples in Business is designed to equip business owners with skills and knowledge required to stay competitive in their various industries. It offers rich content which would help “Copreneurs” become more proactive, improve performance, assess risk and opportunities and most importantly supports their vision for building legacies that foster generational and overall national prosperity. It is intended to address key elements that make businesses strong and stable such as innovations, finance, building competitive edge, all of which are critical to effective planning and execution”.
According to Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, a key focus of the Planning Forward 2018 programme was to equip Coprenuers understand the new emerging economic growth opportunities to optimize as they build their business. The programme through its unique methodology provided participants insights on the economic outlook of the nation, highlighting the good, the bad and the opportunities for businesses. It also encouraged the participants to plan ahead and be intentional about making growth and expansion decision in their businesses.

The CEO, RTC Advisory Services and a facilitator at the Planning Forward Workshop, Opeyemi Agbaje did an indepth analysis of the nation’s economy with emphasis on the analysis of the Nigerian Economy and forecast for 2018. Speaking at the Workshop, Agbaje, stated: “Based on forecast, the Nigerian economy would grow by at least 2.5 per cent in 2018 and it is important for businesses to understand the emerging opportunities in other to maximise growth” he stated. Agbaje touched on all the economic indices through an in-depth analysis of the 2018 economic and financial outlook, expatiating on the issues, challenges and opportunities for people in business.
He stated that the oil price has surged to $70pb beyond the 2017 expectations, offering Nigeria some respite and suggesting a better economic outlook in 2018. The increase in oil prices, the resumption of economic growth and other macroeconomics fundamentals which are also improving, suggests better prospects for businesses, especially as the oil sector growth diffuse into all other sectors.
He highlighted that there has been a steady rise in Nigeria’s external reserve. This rise is as a result of improved foreign exchange inflow occasioned by the increase in crude oil price, dollar inflow from foreign portfolio investors facilitated by the Investors and Exporters window introduced in April 2017 as well as reduction in dollar sale through CBN’s forex intervention.

Concerning the monetary policy, Agbaje mentioned that throughout last year the CBN maintained its monetary policy rate at 14% and as the economy recovers to full-throttle it is expected that the MPR would be eased downwards. According to him, the reduction in the MPR will be of great benefit to businesses including SMEs who need affordable credit to build their businesses and generate jobs.
In her paper on Relationship Building in Business, Audrey-Joe Ezigbo reiterated the need intentionality in building strong and positive relationships for “Copreneurs”. Participants were charged to self audit truthfully and objectively their previous year together as they go into effective planning forward.
The need for living a well-balanced life was emphasized. Quoting Philip James Bailey, she reiterated, “It matters not how long we live but how well”. Through a workshop format participants were led through several self evaluation exercises. She enjoined couples to be deliberate and intentional about building strong and positive family relationship to foster growth and stability within the business. She echoed that intentionality is very important as it gets woven into part of the plan for achieving success and balance in both the family and work life. “on the journey in pursuit of success couples must be equally and jointly intentional about the success of their relationship with one another” she echoed

In her closing, Mrs. Audrey Joe-Ezigbo emphasised that “the Double Impact Platform was created to stir and stimulate knowledge among Copreneurs who are seeking to remain ahead of their markets particularly within the highly competitive landscape faced by every sector of the economy while managing their relationships perfectly. It provides couples jointly in business a forum for easy access to knowledge and information that empowers them maneuver successfully the unique challenges of building successful businesses in an increasingly competitive environment”.
She urged all participants to strategically plan and move forward with Intentionality.


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