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The Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC) has expressed satisfaction with activities at the Admiralty Circle and the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge Toll plazas on the effective date of the new tariff regime it announced recently.
The management said compliance by motorists with the upwardly reviewed tariffs which it began implementing on February 1, 2018, has been “massive.”
LCC Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Hassan, who spoke while interacting with the media at a forum organised to review ‘day one’ of the new tariff scheme, explained that the increment was an economic decision taken when it became absolutely necessary to do so.
Stressing that the company had always guarded against increasing the tariffs “every now and then”, Hassan recalled that the charges motorists paid until February 1, were introduced seven years ago.

On the timing, the CEO said, “The more we wait, the more we experience new issues. In November, last year, we made an attempt to carry out the review, but the governor was not happy. He asked us to make more consultations, which we have done now. It was called off and despite that, motorists were already complying. We now sat down and started this during the Christmas, but later stepped it down. We decided to tackle it once and for all and take care of the challenges.”

Hassan urged motorists to go e-tag, saying that toll plaza users who embrace the cashless option are entitled to 10 per cent or 50 per cent discount, depending on the usage. He explained that this is an incentive designed to make the motorists happy.
On the level of compliance, he remarked, ‘The compliance level is massive.

If there is no compliance, by now, you would have seen protests. We are, however, in a democratic government; there is right of choice for those who are willing to pay and those who don’t want to pay”.
The LCC boss emphasised that the upward review would bring a lot of development to the area, saying “Out of 10 roundabouts, six have been converted to intersections. We have Aja flyover; we have intention of extending the road up to Eleko Beach so that the benefits we have here can be extended down there and it may spill over to Epe that is enjoying almost six lanes now. There is a disconnection between what we have here and Epe. Is it not possible to connect here to Epe? Why don’t we link Epe to Lekki”.

Advising motorists to imbibe the culture of e-tag, DGM, Customer Services and Marketing, Adelola Hassan, said that the option is not elitist, contrary to some general belief by motorists..

She said, “e-tag is an electronic device that allows easy passage. It has a card that compliments it. For the e-tag, we have corporate, commercial and individual’s category. It is not elitist, even the danfo drivers use it. We need your vehicle licence, proof of ownership and any valid identity card like national id card, international passports or driver’s license to register you”.
The DGM said that once motorists have an e-tag with a particular account used for registration, they can have as many vehicles as they like in that particular account.

She also said that e-tag does not expire and that those living outside Lekki axis can make use of it and utilise any amount they must have installed in their account.

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