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“Akwa Ibom State people oriented (people-oriented in proper context, by the way) governance…” (DAILY Sun Front Page Bottom Strip, January 31) Touching lives in past 30 months: Would it have been lizards-oriented governance?
The next two blunders are from a full-page advertorial signed by Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, Lagos State Governor & Chairman, Southern Governors’ Forum, DAILY SUN, January 31): “…a politician per (par) excellence and a highly revered elder statesman.”
“During his lifetime….” Just use ‘life’ or ‘time’—compounding ‘life’ and ‘time’ is overkill!
“Reps give Amaechi 72 hours (hours’) ultimatum on Isreali (Israeli) contract” (NATIONAL NEWS, January 31)

“This is mark (a mark) of double standards (standard)” (Source: as above)
“Oko Poly declares 2 days (days’) holiday for Ekwueme” (SOUTH EAST NEWS, January 31)
“Herdsmen (Herdsmen’s) killings with AK47 assault rifles are daily occurrences.” (Voice of The Nation, January 31)

“Okowa flags off (inaugurates) widows’ social welfare scheme” (SOUTH SOUTH NEWS, January 31)
“…support not only for his government but also for his re-election come (in) 2019….”
“Whether you choose a personal or group savings plan, you can now meet your financial goals conveniently on your smart device whereever (sic) you are.” (Full-page advertisement by Diamond Bank,


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