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The senator representing Kano South Senatorial district in the National Assembly, Kabiru Gaya, has blamed Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso’s presidential ambition as reason for his planned exit from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking to newsmen after his inauguration as the committee chairman for the Imo State ward and state congresses, he warned that there is no vacancy at the Presidential Villa

While reacting to Kwankwaso’s planned exit from the party, he said, “In politics we try to accommodate as much people as possible. We don’t leave room for any member to leave.

“If one member leaves it is a loss because you can win election with one vote. So, we are doing our utmost best to work with together as a team.

“But if the interest of the person staying with us wants to run as a president, there’s no vacancy for that. Our vacancy is PMB. No vacancy else.

“But if he’s coming to run for something else, he’s welcome. We don’t want to eliminate anybody but we do not want to have any presidential candidate from Kano State,” he warned.

He equally commented on the contentious R-APC, stressing: “I can’t be here if I’m on the other side. I am on the main party. There’s nothing like a carve out.

“Even those who are on that place, they will soon come back, maybe most of them will come back because we are seeing more progress than those who defected

“I am confident that PMB will win election. Therefore they should return. They are in power now. Why be in the opposition. Let them come back. I believe the Senate will have majority like we had before.

“They should stay in the system and reform it. You cannot be out of a system and be talking of reform

I appeal to them to come back on board so we work in the interest of the party and the country,” he appealed.

Reacting to the adoption of direct primaries, he said: “I think it’s a good gesture when we go for direct primaries. But it depends on the party. If the party decides to say that it will be indirect, fine, we’ll walk the indirect

“But once the party decides to say indirect primaries, it means when they do the indirect in a state, it will be indirect all the way. You cannot chose indirect in this state, and then direct in another state,” he said.

On his visit to the secretariat, Sen. Gaya said: “I have been invited to come to the Secretariat to come to the inauguration of our committee to go and re-conduct local government, ward and state Congresses in Imo state.

“I believe we have to go by what the court, says. The court has directed and I think we’ll continue in that line

“So we’re going for the congresses and we intend to do it peacefully and we’ll carry everybody along. We hope to have peace and stability in Imo state.

“Therefore my essence is to go and represent my party, so that we can enhance the position of our party in that state,” he said

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