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Alhaji Mumakai Unagha from Delta State is one of about five declared contenders for the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC. In this interview with the reporters, the lawyer and Second Republic National Party of Nigeria, NPN youth leader speaks on his quest. Excerpts: 

What are your dreams for Nigeria?

I have a very strong passion for this country, the vision and dream that will transform or catapult us to world reckoning. Mind you, in order to realize this vision, Nigeria needs a great leader which I have offered myself. I’m determining leave a legacy on the sand of time. Principally, all the factors or traces of leadership shall be found in my administration should the wishes of Nigerians prevail. I am a convert to the view of strong courage of moving the country from where we are to where we can all leave in peace no matter the religion, ethnicity, God knows why he brought the diverse people together.

Why do you prefer to actualize your aspiration on APC Platform?

 Firstly, I am a foundation member of the All Progressive Congress (APC). I did not join midway or decamp. APC is the party to rescue Nigeria from the 16 years of misrule by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). You can attest to the fact that what APC has done for the three years, PDP couldn’t do it for 16 years. Yes many members of APC are former members of PDP, but they are bound by the rules, principles and directives of the APC constitution. Similarly, APC is more disciplined, especially with President Buhari at the helm of affairs. APC came as a rescue to save Nigeria from the PDP, and I will sustain that come 2019. Nigerians are fed up with the spree of corruption and stealing of public funds, in fact PDP is not an alternative to Nigeria anymore.

 Is there anything President Buhari is not doing now (that your presidency would do differently?

 Buhari has proved to Nigerians and the world at large that it is possible to have an incorruptible leader. He has also convinced us beyond reasonable doubt that corruption can be fought without looking   backward. However, there are a lot to do to still regain the confidence of   Nigerians.  I shall pay   greater   attribute   to the power   sector   that     was privatized by the previous administration to themselves and their cronies. Meaning, when I am elected, the power sector will go back to the Federal Government as the key player. It is the responsibility of the government to provide   electricity   even   though,   supported   by private   individuals.   I   have stated   it     previously     that     APC     faithful    will     be   encouraged     in     term     of patronage as against the present when opposition party members are the beneficiaries. It is sad that majority of APC faithful who worked to deliver the party in 2015 are suffering and still suffering. I plead with aggrieved persons to have a rethink. I shall depart slightly from the modus of the Buhari government in this area of appointment and policy trust.

What is your campaign trust and political agenda?

 My     campaign     trust     and     agenda     will     be     centered     on     real     change     and inclusiveness in governance. Inclusiveness, I mean all APC members and not selected few. As a former youth leader, I shall focus on issues that border on them. Let me repeat it here again that I shall separate the three powerful ministries lumped together. Ministry of power, works and housing.

 As     former     youth     leader     of     this     nation what     is     your     program     for youths, women and the vulnerable groups?

If elected come 2019, youths of this nation will benefit from my government immensely, being my immediate constituency. Youth shall form 50% of my cabinet as well as special provision for women and the vulnerable.

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